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Volitility linked to emotion

At cryptoReview we explore the emotional side of inesting. Conventional wisdom tells investors to buy low and sell high however emotions get in the way of the average investor leading to runs in the market. Never in the history of investing has any commodity or stock been more emotionally volitile than cryptocurrency.

The Machines Will Come For Us

... and make us lots of money! cryptoReview is trained to find and exploit emotional paradigms to yeild profit.

"What a Company"

That is what they all say about us

"I shouldn't have gone with their competitor."

Nan Chief Fun Officer Acme Toys

Breaking The Grid, Grabs Your Attention

Instead of focusing on content creation and hard work, we have learned how to master the art of doing nothing by providing massive amounts of whitespace and generic content that can seem massive, monolithic and worth your attention.

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Did We Tell You About Our Bananas?

Yes I know you probably disregarded the earlier boasts as non-sequitur filler content, but its really true. It took years of gene splicing and combinatory DNA research, but our bananas can really dance.

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