20 Losing Trades In A Row? No Problem If You Do These 2 Things

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How many losing trades in a row can you handle and not be bothered about it?

forex losing trades in a row

If you do these 2 things I’m going to explain here, you’ll have no problems with 20 losing trades in a row, over even 30 losing trades in a row.

And how do you recover from 20 losing trades in a row? Or even, how do you recover from 30 losing trades in a row?

I will explain those two things a bit later in this post.

All Forex Forex Trading Systems Have Certain Market Conditions That They Will Not Perform Well

You see, all forex trading strategies have weakness…these weakness can be certain market conditions where they will not perform well.

For example, a trend trading system will not perform well in a ranging market and vice versa.

Understanding this essential fact about your trading strategy is really important because when you are having loosing trades in a row, you will still trade because you know, these losing trades cannot go on forever. There’s got to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

For many new forex traders, having many losing trades in a row on a live trading account can freak them out completely because all they see is the trading account balance getting smaller…and smaller.

And what they do next is called “system hoping”. System hoping simply means trying one forex trading system and when it does not perform well (like having 10 losing trades in a row), then they dump it and look for another one. And the process tends to repeat itself all over again.

This is like searching for the holy grail of forex trading which unfortunately does not exist.

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