The Ultimate Guide To Order Flow Trading

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This guide here is about Order Flow Trading and mind you, I think this is the ultimate guide to forex order flow trading you are ever going to read.

It really has some solid nuggets of order flow trading wisdom in it including:

how to read order flows
order flow trading strategies and techniques
how to analyse market sentiment and combine that with order flow trading
how to use price action with order flow trading
how to understand market micro structure and use that with order flow trading
and lots of other goodies as well.
I have been searching about order flow trading in forex market because it is one subject that used to arouse my curiosity and there appears to be very little information about how to actually apply order flow knowledge into real live trading situation.

Fortunately I stumbled upon a work by a trader called Dali who started a Order Flow Trading Thread at

The order flow trading thread itself is about 40 pages long so I’ve gone through the entire thread and extracted all the necessary information Dali wrote and what I’ve done here is simply re-wrote(to explain the concepts a bit more), re-arrange them, put titles, subtitles etc to make it easier to “digest” in one place without going through 40 pages of thread (content) and reading all the other unnecessary stuff in that thread as well.

So what you are going to read is not my work, its Dali’s.

(Thanks Dali for the great order flow trading information…if you ever happen to visit


Some bits and pieces of content may be missing or not look connected in this order flow trading guide…I’m just warning you, you may come across a few.

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